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Travel Photography Journal: Sardinia

Otherworldly dust-blown landscapes, impossible cliff faces dropping dramatically into the Tyrrhenian Sea, untouched inland cultures and the world’s most expensive stretch of coastline – Italy’s second largest island is a place of stark contrasts. Journey from the millionaires’ playground of the Costa Smeralda to the remote hilltop towns, hidden sweeps of deserted sands and experience fiery sunsets like nowhere else on earth…

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How To Dress Best For Photography For Different Occasions

Different occasions call for different outfits, no matter if you are invited to a fancy party, hang out with your friends at a hipster coffee shop or whether you plan to go on a road trip and have absolutely no clue what to wear, especially when the occasion calls for photography, or even just a simple selfie. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered: a fashion blogger’s guide on how to dress for 4 special occasions to make sure you’ll look at your best at all times.

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