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By The River of Innanna

The insane beauty starts from the moment you lay your eyes on River Inn. And the beautiful city was thus named Innsbruck, the bridge over the River Inn. The beautiful Austrian people gave the beautiful name Innanna to their river, which adds to this already beauty-overwhelmed city with a touch of romance.

When we arrived there, it was a bit cloudy, maybe drizzling a little. The Austrian Alps presented River Inn with a beautiful rainbow of houses, but hid themselves behind the curtain of clouds. And whenever the clouds decided to flow away, the mountains were right there, in front of our eyes. This was my second time to Innsbruck, and I still couldn't help but ask, "did I just see that? No! I can't be that pretty."

But Innsbruck is much more than that. I mean, of course, you'll have to see the golden roof. But what's amazing is the road leading up to it. The encounters, the beautiful people, and the entire spectrum of buildings.

We were having lunch at a pizza place when we heard music playing, a little bit like marching music, but with a bit more touch of local flavour. We went over to see, and much to our delight, there were people wearing traditional Austrian clothes, dancing with passers-by that they've never met before, and are very likely not going to see again. 

But hey, it matters none. It's all a beautiful and spontaneous encounter.

Not meant to turn this blog into a SEO tool, but here are the things you can't miss when you do travel to Innsbruck

  1. The golden roof, and the road leading up to it
  2. River of Innanna, and don't forget to snap a picture from the city side towards the magnificent mountains
  3. The beautiful people, if you run into someone, smile at them, take a picture with them, and say "see you"

It's a place I can't wait to see again



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