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Have You Already Found Your Tropical Paradise?

All photos in this blog are provided by the author Kristina Salmina

All photos in this blog are provided by the author Kristina Salmina

Have you already found your tropical paradise? 

I certainly found mine, when I moved to sunny Miami from Europe discovering the whole new tropical world of coastal lifestyle. Photoshoots happening everywhere, every corner is worth being photographed, it has its character, style and its fashion. Talking about the last one, it’s always about impression, color explosion, tropical prints and a lot of white color or everything white…

Red slim fit trousers on white sheet fashion photography

 Big part of East Coast experience is spending quality time at the beach, and it is the most desirable location for a photoshoot. Someone once said that life is good when most of it you spend wearing a swimwear, could it be more right? Beach photoshoot is all we ever wanted! Perfect colors of the horizon, all blue and golden shades of relaxation and total tranquil vibes brings us to the happiest place on Earth and most desirable destination of all. The Beach. Magical sunrises and sensual lilac sunsets never get boring, never the same, and you can never get enough of it. You don’t get to feel so fancy with salty hair and sandy toes, rather wild I would say, but you surely feel most happiest and somehow lucky, and that what your pictures saying. And whenever you travel to the capitals of the world and enjoying big cities lights, the beach will always be calling you and you always be ready to go!

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