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Blog by Dali Ma Photography, Phoenix Aperture, California Fashion Photographer based in Orange County.

Fashion Expression

Photos in this blog are done by  Phoenix Aperture

Photos in this blog are done by Phoenix Aperture

Fashion: what exactly does this word mean to you…or someone else? Would it have the same definition if multiple people answered this question? It seems like fashion can be very subjective these days. There are no guidelines, no rules, and no structure. Fashion is what you make it, or is it?

If we would trace back to the history of fashion, we would find that women’s fashion was originally very lady-like, and conservative. The attire of a woman described her inner values, virtue, and status… and I think to some degree, that still holds true today. Even progressing fashion over the years showed that the classic look of a woman remained very feminine and poised. Although, with influences from major historical events such as world war 1 and 2, along with the industrial revolution, the traditional fashion of a woman began evolving. But regardless of the ever-changing trends today, the classics still remain, and what’s considered classy, hasn’t changed. This does not necessarily mean that fashion has “rules”, rather a tradition or an association that has been carried on through out the many years of history.

Pink Designer's Dress Editorial Photography

Let’s consider, “the little black dress”. Although it seems fashion trends repeat every 20-30 years, the iconic, Coco Chanel’s little black dress is timeless. It symbolized the allure and femininity of a woman. Personally, my little black dress is my go-to. It’s my “I don’t have anything to wear” choice. All I need to do is throw on a pair of heels, trench coat, lipstick, and I’m out the door. 

Thank you, Chanel for making me feel fabulous!

Little black dress

Many people like to associate fashion with identity today. From an outward appearance it can show someone’s values, uniqueness, personal style, and personality. This is very true for me too. I only buy clothes and match my outfits that perfectly suit my personal style, and how I want to be displayed. I wouldn’t leave the house- even if I were going to the grocery store, with an outfit that I didn’t feel “myself” in. It’s true when they say, looking good makes you feel good.

Impression of Mary Puppins

Fashion used to be very structured with expectations, but it has changed so much over the years. And especially in this era, fashion can be anything! So make fashion speak for you.

Authored by Ina Petz