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Colours - A Photographer and Model's Pride for Home

Photography in this blog is provided by Devan Cortez

Photography in this blog is provided by Devan Cortez

I’m a big believer in making the most of what you’re given and making something beautiful out of it. Being someone that has an interest in photography and modelling, but also being a broke college student, I heavily rely on my hometown to help me produce content.

I currently reside in Florida, which I’d say gives me a plethora of interesting locations for shoots. From the downtown scene to beaches to skateparks and more, I always find a background that gives a photo that extra bit of uniqueness.

Taking advantage of your hometown for a shoot is beneficial in more ways than one. For starters, I have such a connection with downtown St. Pete. I’ve had the pleasure of growing up in this area and experiencing the wonders it has to offer.  Colourful eye-catching murals, art galleries, boutiques and music clubs are scattered all about this pretty little city. I instantly pick up on the artistic vibes that flow through the streets, feeling inspired and confident. Being in front of the camera is kind of new for me, so I appreciate the chance to be comfortable in my environment.  On top of that, I love being captured with the moments that go on in my city! Life is always changing, and in a place that is heavily dependent on development and fresh ideas, that is especially true. The mural I’m standing in front of one day could be completely different the next.

Colour of my home town photography

I know that one day in the future I’ll be looking at these pictures feeling nostalgic. And not even 15 minutes away, we’re gifted with gorgeous beaches. I’ve always felt grateful to reside in a place that people choose to vacation. In a word, vibrant. Colours come alive, and the surrounding architecture follows suit. Pink, yellow, green, and blue houses are not uncommon around here! The tropical atmosphere that surrounds Florida’s coastlines makes for stunning photographs. It’s hard not to feel creatively motivated after taking a stroll down the beach or boardwalk.

I’m proud to represent where I come from, it’s made me who I am! I encourage everyone to explore all of the nooks and crannies of where they live. You don’t always have to book a flight to find somewhere beautiful. Of course it’s my dream to travel the world, but for now I’m working with what I have. Whether you’re surrounded by trees, mountains, buildings, or oceans, sometimes it just takes a few steps from your front door to get the perfect shot. I just wanna say thank you to anyone who took time out of their day to read this post and hear my thoughts!

I hope this post inspires someone to pursue their passion and fall in love with where they’re from a little more. You can follow me on my Instagram @devan.cortez to keep up with my adventures :) 

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Authored and photography by Devan Cortez

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