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Photos in this blog are provided by Shane Cole

Photos in this blog are provided by Shane Cole

As I've mentioned in some of my past blogs, one of my biggest regrets about my time in Los Angeles is that I didn't explore enough.  The problem is, my love for photoshoot started around the same time I was planning my move back to the east coast.  While I consider myself more of a muse than a model, I really do love being in front of the camera.  The magical thing about photoshoot is that it's a different experience for everyone involved.  Depending on the caliber of the shoot, especially in fashion photography and fashion photoshoot, the model might be most excited about the makeup and wardrobe, while the photographer might be beaming from the inside out about how perfect the lighting is - all in which, makes for amazing photos.  For me, it’s all about LOCATIONS.

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The last fashion photoshoot that I did in LA was in a desert somewhere between Palmdale and Lancaster - a perfect location close to my time spent there.  Everything about the desert is minimal, yet it somehow says so much.

Desert Photoshoot

I've done several photoshoots since being back on the east coast and there's definitely a different feel all the way around.  Due to the changing seasons, the locations tell so many different stories.  The same location could be a completely different place upon transitioning into the next season.  Even the end of Summer doesn't feel the same as the beginning of Fall.

If I absolutely had to choose, I would say I prefer the east coast for photography.  Every location just feels so different.  The editing process is a bit more extensive, but in a good way!  There's so much more you can bring to life with the surroundings – a great tool to create something that's completely yours.

Photographer: Shane Cole

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