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How To Dress Best For Photography For Different Occasions

Photography in this blog are provided by Sarah Specht

Photography in this blog are provided by Sarah Specht

Different occasions call for different outfits, no matter if you are invited to a fancy party, hang out with your friends at a hipster coffee shop or whether you plan to go on a road trip and have absolutely no clue what to wear, especially when the occasion calls for photography (Fashion Photography), or even just a simple selfie. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered: a fashion blogger’s guide on how to dress for 4 special occasions to make sure you’ll look at your best at all times.


1. Lazy Sunday Coffee Date With Your Friends

Weekends are for comfy, feel-good clothes so take a break from high heels, uncomfortable tight clothing and slip into something cozier, such as your favorite jeans, casual harem pants or combine black tights with an oversized shirtdress and some boots. It’s all about looking effortlessly stylish and feeling awesome when you catch up with your friends over coffee, visit second hand markets or go to the movies. You know what they say: A weekend well spent, brings a week of content!


2. Fancy Dinner Party

A few weeks ago, I got invited to this dinner event, which was organized by my boyfriend’s employer. My Style motto for the night: Dress to impress! 

But in order to impress someone, it’s so important to feel good about yourself and your body. Picking out the right look is half the battle. Sometimes, especially when there is a lot of food and sitting involved, skinny jeans or skirts feel so restricting, which is why I rather go with loose pants such as the silver Culotte. That brings me to the next advice: It’s all about the basic/statement piece approach!

Concentrate on one statement piece and build your look around it with more simple, basic pieces. It makes getting ready so much easier. The combination is king, so you don’t want to look over the top but show them your confidence with your personal style and they will be impressed.


3. Road Trip

Road trips are so much fun, I mean what’s not to love about scenic highways, the feeling of independence, off-the-beaten-path trips and romantic nights under a sky full of stars? …Oh right, you can’t bring your closet as you’ll probably have limited space available. What you want to do instead is pack light and smart. Leggings and tights don’t take up so much space so these are must haves. They are both stylish and easy to combine with dresses, crop tops, oversize (d) sweaters or tank tops plus sport leggings are great for hiking. Temperatures on road trips tend to vary a lot so do yourself a favor and ‘layer up’. If it gets chilly add on your long sleeve and if it gets too warm remove a layer, simple as that and stylishly comfortable. I also think, that denim jackets are perfect for road trips, it’s just something about them and they go with almost every outfit. Pack in a nice pair of sunglasses and some sneakers or flat boots as well and your good to explore!

Road trip fashion with denim jacket


4. Holidays

Now that Christmas is around the corner, we have to concentrate on our holiday outfit! I am in love with the turtleneck bodysuit, such an all-rounder and super comfy for those chilly days. It’s a great body shaper that makes you feel pretty even after you ate too much holiday food. My favorite turtleneck combos include high-waist skirts and dungarees, depending whether you want to look chic or casual. Now grab your lovely winter coat, put on your leather boots and rock around the Christmas tree.

Dress for fashion and photography

Photographed and authored by Sarah Specht