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A date with Seoul

A date with Seoul

I arrived in Seoul this time in the evening, and there was nothing but golden sunshine welcoming me. When the airport coach arrived in city centre, it was already getting dark. However the city doesn’t feel sleepy at all.
The city never sleeps
Road of Reflection
Good night
You wake up with the entire city greeting you, and it feels good. The first morning light reminded me that I’m in a completely new but welcoming world. There’s so much happening on the street and yet so little for busy office people to notice. But here I am, easy and perceptive, eager to take in every breath of this city.
The world isn't about me
But as time goes by, the city just puts on more colour, and appears to be just a bit more alive. Until night comes, when Seoul puts on her night dress
Sunshine coffee
A date with Seoul
What tomorrow holds
Style & Pattern
It’s hard to say why I like Seoul so much, since it’s hard to pin-point anything like the Louvre, St. Paul’s Cathedral, or the blue Danube.
But I guess it’s just the kind of peace of mind that resides in the sunshine and shadows, and smile of the people that made me want to re-visit her, embrace her beauty.
When I grow up, will you be the same
Simple love
Cloud in the night
Next time it’ll be even better. Miss you, Seoul
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